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Service Project Committee:

Goal setting by; Committee Chair Rtn. Rajan Parajuli

  1. Global Grant : (One)
  2. District Grant : (One)
  3. Adopt School for 'Happy School Program' (Ganesh Adharbhut School, Duwakot, Bhaktapur)
  4. Blood Donation.
  5. Health Camp.
  6. Hygiene and sanitation program (Awareness and Sanitary Pad distribution for girl’s students of different schools)
  7. Build School.
  8. Environment (Tree Plantation)
  9. Basic Education and Literacy. (Support to establish Science Lab in Indrawati Secondary School)

10.  Learning Materials distribution in schools for the purpose of 'back to school program' (in flood effected area)

11.  Humanitarian support for the victims of natural calamities.

12.  Health Support to the community hospitals in different areas of the nation.

13.  Handover the Phortse drinking water project and waste management project to    the communities in Solukhumbu. (Near the Everest Base Camp)

14. Computer distribution program in CBR Bhaktapur.


Club Administration Committee:


Goal setting by; Committee Chair Rtn. Badri Rai

Plan: Organize and conduct different meetings on time.

Target Plan: 42 Regular meetings, 12 Board meetings, 6 Club Assembly, 4 Joint meetings, (virtual or physical) and send meeting minutes to all members

Responsible Person & Time Frame: President and Secretary (Joint Secretary and Admin Chair) throughout the year or before the deadline.

  1. 2. Plan: Organize one Picnic and three cultural programs for fellowship

Target Plan: 1) Dashain Celebrations    2) Deusi Bhailo  3) Asar 15th (Rice Plantation program at Bhaktapur), Picnic program by the end of January (Club Admin Chair)

  1. 3. Plan: Organize at least 2 joint meetings with Rotaract and Interact both (Responsible person Joint Secretary & Youth Generation Chair)
  1. 4. Plan: Club Service (Website update, social media update, rotary district 3292 website update, souvenir publication.) Responsible - Club Admin Chair
  1. 5. Plan: Update My Rotary, Fill-up the goal setting and meet target at rotary club center.

Responsible PersonPresident, Secretary, Joint Secretary & Admin Chair

Time Frame: Throughout the year or when new member is inducted.


  1. 6. Plan: Regular reporting to Rotary District and Rotary International

Responsible Person: President, Secretary and admin. Chair

Time Frame: Throughout the year or before the deadline.

(Reminding President and Secretary to submit the report on time)

  1. 7. Plan: Inform about Rotary to 200 persons among member's Rotaract, families and general people.

Responsible Person: All members

  1. 8. Plan: Organize two joint programs with other Rotary Clubs and within Zone.

Responsible Person: Club Admin. Director, President

Next Meeting: End of February

  1. 9. Plan: Motivate all members to participate in district conference and RI convention

Responsible Person: President, Secretary & Membership Director

10. Plan: Establishment of RC Bhadgaon Fixed deposit fund

Responsible Person: President, Charter President and IPP


11. Plan: Conduct Charter Day presentation for RC Surkhet

Responsible Person: President, PP

Bashanti Kumari Shahi, Membership Chair and Club Admin chair

12. Other Plans:

  • Sponsor one New Club

Responsible person: President

  • Sponsor one New Satellite Club

Responsible person: President, Charter President



Public Image Committee:


Goal setting by; Committee Chair Rtn. Baburam Khadka

  1. Plan: Build media relations with media houses to report on humanitarian and social service issues conduct by club

Responsible Person: Public Image Chair/Director and Service project director

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Information about rotary to our family and non-Rotarian friends

Responsible Person: All members

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Publish news of RC Bhadgaon activities in different medias

Responsible Person: President and Public Relation Director & PP Chhanda Prasad Acharya

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Print/produce materials that highlights image and identity of Rotary in the community

Responsible Person: All Members

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Update club website and enhance rotary image through social media

Responsible Person: Public Relation Director, Web Master, Joint Secretary & Service Project Director/Chair

  1. Plan: Encourage Rotarians to place the Rotary logo on all project where visible

Responsible Person: All members

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Promote theme of RI President “SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES”

Responsible Person: All Members


  1. Plan: Update club brochure, publications, souvenir etc. with the new theme and Rotary logo

Responsible Person: Public Image Chair/Director and President

  1. Plan: Publication of E-bulletin in every two months

Responsible Person: Public Relation Chair/Director and Publication committee member.


Membership Committee:


Goal setting by; Committee Chair Rtn. Bhakta Bista

"Each one Bring one" RI President's goal


  1. Plan: Update membership roster

Time Frame: June and December

Responsible Person: Membership Director/Chair

  1. Plan: Invite at least 7 new members

Responsible Person: All members (Membership Committee Chair)

Time Frame: Throughout the year and specifically celebrate membership month in August.

  1. Plan: Conduct at least three orientation program to new members

Responsible: President and Membership Chair/Director, Club Trainer

Time Frame: within December

  1. Plan: 100% retention of members

Responsible Person: President, Secretary and Membership chair

  1. Plan: Invite and induct young members below 40 years of age (Focus to female members)

Responsible Person: President and other members

  1. Plan: Invite and induct members who have diversity of classification at regular weekly meetings and motivate them to join our club.

Responsible Person: All members and committee chair


The Rotary Foundation Committee:


Goal setting by; Committee Chair: Rtn. Dilli Giri

  1. Plan: Minimum contribution to TRF with total of US $ 5000.00 from Rotarians

Responsible: President, Secretory and the Rotary Foundation Director

Deadline: End of February 2022

  1. Plan: Contribution to RI Foundation $ 25.00 from membership fee

Responsible: President, Secretary and TRF Chair

Deadline: End of February 2022

  1. Plan: Increase at least 10 PHF or MPHF members

Responsible: President, Secretary and the Rotary Foundation Chair

Deadline: End of February 2022

  1. Plan: Orientation to members about TRF to motivate contributions

Responsible: President and the Rotary Foundation Chair/Director

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Increase Fund Raising Activities (Conduct at list one picnic program, one charity show/Cultural /Diner/outing program)

Responsible: President and Secretary and Foundation Chair

Deadline: Throughout the year

  1. Plan: Contribution to Polio End program ($ 100)

Responsible: President and Secretary

Deadline: End of February

  1. Plan: Participate in TRF Seminar

Responsible: President and the Rotary Foundation Director