Rotary Friendship Exchange: First Day

The Rotary Friendship Exchange kicked off with a visit to Century Club in Bangalore, exploring landmarks like Cubbon Park, High Court, and Bidhan Sabha. Highlights included Bangalore Palace, the historic C. Krishniah Chetty jewelry shop, and the ISKCONE Temple. The day ended with a birthday celebration at the jewelry museum.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Second Day

The second day involved a trip to Ramnagar from Bangalore, hosted by the Rotary Club of Ramnagar. Activities included a visit to Cocoon market, a silk factory, the Culture Center of Karnataka, and Rama Mandir. The day concluded with enriching experiences and a return to accommodations.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Third Day

Day three featured a visit to Lalbagh Botanical Garden and a Nepali Culture program organized by Rotary District 3191. The event included a flag exchange and cultural performances, fostering camaraderie and memorable experiences.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Fourth Day

The fourth day included a journey to Mysore, stopping at Maheshwari Temple. Sightseeing in Mysore encompassed Chamunda Hill, Mysore Palace, and an evening meeting with the Rotary Club of Mid-Town Nextzen. Discussions on joint projects and shared experiences marked the fruitful meeting.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Fifth Day

A day of rest and relaxation commenced with breakfast at the host's home. The group then visited Guhantara Resort, known for its cave-themed rooms. Activities and sports filled the day, followed by a unique street food market experience.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Sixth Day

Day six began with various activities at Guhantara Resort, leading to a club meeting hosted by the Rotary Club of Bangalore Garden City. Initiatives for a global grant were discussed, followed by a delightful dinner and a visit to a street food market. The group dispersed to separate accommodations for the night.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Seven Days

The seventh day involved participation in the district conference of Rotary District 3191. Special guests from Nepal, including the Friendship Exchange group, enjoyed diverse cuisine, cultural dances, and speeches. The day concluded with a gala dinner and dispersal to host families.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Eight Days

Day eight started with a district conference, including recognition by the exchange coordinator. Activities included breakfast, speakers, and flag exchanges. The group then visited the Isha Foundation, participating in a Shiva puja and Aadi Yogi Diwas Darshan video show.

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Last Day

The final day included visits to service projects, special children care centers, and the Bangalore Hospice Trust. The hospice center, supported by Rotary, left a lasting impression. The day concluded with a heartfelt farewell from Mr. Bachan and host families, marking the beginning of a holiday adventure in Goa.