The Proposed Plan of Action for 2019-20

Club Administration Committee:

  • Plan:Organize and conduct Different meetings on time

Target Plan:42 Regular meeting, 12 Board meeting, 6 Club Assembly, 3 Joint meeting

Achievement:5 regular meetings, 3 board meeting, 1 Club Assembly, 0 joint club


  • Plan:Organize one Picnic and Three cultural programs for fellowship

Target Plan:1) Dashain Celebrations    2) Deusi Bhailo at President residence 3)Ashar 15th (Rice Plantation program at Bhaktapur), Picnic to be conduct by the end of January

Achievement:Ashar 15th (Rice Plantation program at Bhaktapur)


  • Plan:Organize at least 2 joint meetings with Rotaract and Interact both
  • Plan: Club Service

Achievement: Website update, social media update,rotary district 3292 website update, souvenir publication.

  • Plan:Update My Rotary

Responsible Person:President and Secretary

Time Frame: Throughout the year or when new member is inducted.

Achievement: All members have updated their My Rotary profile, we will train to new members


  • Plan:Regular reporting to District and International

Responsible Person: President, Secretary and admin. chair

Time Frame: Throughout the year or before the deadline.

(Reminding President and Secretary to submit the report on time)


  • Plan:Inform about Rotary to 200 persons among members, Rotaract, families and general people.

Responsible Person: All members

Progress till date: Giving Information about rotary on different rotary programs, 300

souvenir distributed to various people and Rotary program news published in different

online sites, Recorded version of Club Installation ceremony was aired through ABC

Television. Distribution of our club diary to our all guests as a souvenir.


  • Plan:Organize two joint programs with other Rotary Club  and within Zone.

Responsible Person: Club Admin. Director, President

Next Meeting: End of February


  • Plan:Motive all members to participate in District conference and RI convention

Responsible Person: President, Secretary & Membership Director

Achievement: Participated in District Seminar, Membership Seminar 5 Members participated, President participated in TRF Seminar in Chitwan.

7 Members have already registered for RI convention will be held in Honolulu, USA


  • Plan:Establishment of RC Bhadgaon Fixed deposit fund

Responsible Person: President. Charter President and IPP

Progress Till Date:We have already deposited 8.5 lacks and this year's target is to deposit more than 6 lacks.


Membership Committee:

  • Plan:Update membership roster as required

Achievement: Already done for till date

Time Frame: As required

Responsible Person: Membership Director

  • Plan:Induct at least 7 new members

Responsible Person: All members

Achievement: Already Inducted 5new members

Time Frame: Throughout the year and specifically celebrate membership month in August.


  • Plan:Hold at least one orientation program to new members

Responsible:President and Membership Director

Time Frame: within December

Achievement:on going


  • Plan:Try to make 80% retention of members

Responsible Person: President, Secretary and Membership chair

Progress: Discussed with all members and no one wants to leave the club till date.


  • Plan:Recruiting young members below 40 years of age

Responsible Person: President and other members

Achievement:2 new members of age below30 are already made


  • Plan:Invite members who have divorced classification at regular weekly meeting and motivate them to join our club.

Responsible Person:All members

Achievement: Many non-Rotarian friends were invited in the meeting and the process is on-going.


Public Relation Committee:

  • Plan:Build media relations with media houses to report on humanitarian and social service issues

Responsible Person: Public Relation Director

Achievement:We 3 members have already given interviews in Jay Rotary Radio program. We are in touch with media house especially with online portal and we are trying our best to publish news about rotary.

Deadline: Throughout the year


  • Plan:Information about rotary to our family and non-Rotarian friends

Responsible Person:All members

Achievement: We regularly invite non-Rotarian Friends and Family in the program organized by our club and make aware about rotary and its activities

Deadline:Throughout the year


  • Plan:Publish news of RC Bhadgaon activities in

Responsible Person: President and Public Relation Director

Achievement:on going

Deadline: Throughout the year


  • Plan:Print/produce materials that highlights image and identity of Rotary in the community

Responsible Person: All Members

Achievement: Banners and Print images were made and hanged in the program location to highlights image and identity of Rotary

Deadline: Throughout the year


  • Plan:Improve club website and enhance rotary image through social media

Responsible Person: Public Relation Director

Achievement:Already updated club website and we are promoting rotary activities through social media like facebook


  • Plan:Encourage Rotarians to place the Rotary logo on all project where feasible

Responsible Person: All members

Achievement:Members have pasted Rotary logo in their vehicles, all members wearing Rotary pins in meeting day and any formal programs.

Deadline: Throughout the year


  • Plan:Promote theme of RI President “Rotary Connects the World”

Responsible Person: All Members

Achievement: on going


  • Plan:Update club brochure, publications, souvenir etc. with new theme and Rotary logo

Responsible Person: Public Relation Director and President

Achievement:We always put Rotary logo in brochure, publications and souvenir


  • Plan:Publication of monthly e-bulletin

Responsible Person:Public Relation Director and Publication committee members

Achievement:We are publishing trimonthly e-bulletin of four months

Deadline: At the end of every 3months


The Rotary Foundation Committee:

  • Plan:Minimum contribution to TRF with total of US $ 5000.00 from Rotarians

Responsible: President, Secretory and The Rotary Foundation Director

Progress: We are collecting fund from our members and our members are interested to make TRF contribution and some of them have already committed

Deadline: End of February 2020


  • Plan:Contribution to RI Foundation $ 10.00 by each member

Responsible: President, Secretary and TRF Chair

Progress: We are collecting fund and soon it will be deposited

Deadline: End of February


  • Plan:Increase at least 10 PHF or MPHF members

Responsible: President, Secretary and The Rotary Foundation Chair

Progress: Some of our members have committed to be MPHF, soon some members will contribute for PHF as well

Deadline: End of February


  • Plan:Orientation to members about TRF to motivate contributions

Responsible: President and The Rotary Foundation Director

Progress: We have informed all members about the contribution and why it is so important for club and member. Some of the member are very positive about the contribution

Deadline:Throughout the year


  • Plan:Increase Fund Raising Activities

Responsible: President and Secretary

Achievement: We are doingDeusi-Bhailo program every year and did Charity show of Nepali movie “Bhor”last year to collect fund and to do service project and we continue these activities every year. This year we will do fundraising dinner program.

Deadline: Throughout the year


  • Plan:Contribution to Polio End program

Responsible: President and Secretary

Progress: We are collecting fund of 100 US$ and we hope to do some contribution for polio end program

Deadline: End of February


  • Plan:Participate in TRF Seminar

Responsible: President and The Rotary Foundation Director

Achievement: We have already participated in TRF seminar and signed/filled the form for grant.


Service Project Committee:

  • Plan:Ganesh Man Rotary Training Centre, in Katunje, Bhaktapur.

Responsible Person:Service Project Director,Charter President, Co-ordinator's Committee

Achievement: Stone foundation program held on 12th April by Australian honorable Ambassador Peter Burg and Charter PresidentManoj Kumar Kandel, in collaboration with Australian, Singaporean and American Clubs. This is our global grant project.

Deadline:Construction will start from December 2019.


  • Plan:Finalization of re-building school project in earthquake affected area at Kabilash village in Nuwakot, and upcoming project in Solukhumbu.

ResponsiblePerson: PP Tula Bahadur Kandel, Rtn. UttamPaudel

Achievement:Shanti Vidya Primary School construction already finished; we are going to inaugurate the school building soon. Primary School in Phortse in Solukhumbu project field visit already finished in November and we are talking with Scottish Rotary Club for further grant process.

Deadline:Nuwakot school ignoration on 16th August, within this Rota Year.


  • Plan:Awareness talk programabout children rights.

Responsible Person: President and Charter President

Progress: We are in plan to organize awareness talk program about children rights by coordinating withChild NGO Federation.

Deadline:End of September.


  • Plan:Organizehealth awareness camp.

Responsible Person: Service Project Director and President Elect

Vanue:At NASA School/Collage.

Deadline: January 2020


  • Plan:Eye Camp and Awareness program in Pachkhal, Kabhre, and Also, in Eye Camp Achchham.

Responsible Person:Charter President and Bhakta BdrBista

Plan details:On plan to do eye camp and Eye saving awareness program in Pachkhal, Kabre. (Eye camp in PanchadewalBinayek Municipality in Achchham District)

Deadline:November 2020


  • Plan:Safe drinking water awareness program will be organized and water filter will be distributed in flood affected area.

Responsible Person:President, Secretary

Achievement:Already distributed 50 water filter in flood affected area of Saptari and taught them how to use it effectively, this year also we will distribute another 50 filters.

Deadline: Last week of August.


  • Plan:Happy School Project

Responsible Person:Charter President, President Elect, Rtn. Bobby Adhikari

Achievement:Visited Shree Ganesh AdharbhutPrimary School, Duwakot, Bhaktapur in May to do survey for making happy school. We found this school very poor in infrastructure therefore planned to establish decent pre childhood development classroom with enough teaching and learning materials.

Deadline:in October.


  • Plan:Blood Donation program

Responsible Person:Vice President

Achievement:We are doing blood donation every year in Dudhpati, Bhaktapur,this year also we will do the same program.

Deadline: February 2020.


  • Plan:Back to School Project

Responsible Person: Service Project Director, Charter President.

Achievement:Distribution of sanitation pads and awareness program, (We have already distributed more than 1500 pads to many different schools in Nepal) we keep this project ongoing. Our target is at least 100 pads this year.

Deadline: Throughout the year.


  • Plan:MoU with Cancer hospital.

Responsible Person:Charter President, President

Details:This is on plan;we will sign MoU with Cancer Hospital to provide discounted price for under privileged poor children.

Deadline:As soon as possible in two months.





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