Message from President

Dear friends & fellow Rotarians,

Joining Rotary has changed my life and giving me more opportunities to devote time towards meaningful and worthy causes for the community. During my entire life God has blessed me; good health and great family, and the opportunity to meet thousands of wonderful people, and now the opportunity to work with a Rotary club dedicated to their community and the ever-changing world in which we live.
I am very proud that Rotary has allowed me to give of time to an organization with a strong history of fighting again disease, hunger, social and economic justice. I feel that what make us specials are our shared values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership.
My philosophy is very simple; you cannot cure all the problems in the world with money – you can give someone food or you can teach them to grow their own food.  It’s good to help others improve their place in life.  Service projects that connect with families teach everyone values for a lifetime. Placed in the leadership position this year, I will strive to improve attendance, involve all members to enjoy Rotary activities, increase membership, strengthen our Rotary image and create a positive change in communities.
I believe for rotary to continue to grow we need to use innovation and creative measures-Rotaract Clubs, corporate memberships, community projects, recruitment activities and membership activities.
I feel the members of the Rotary Club of Bhadgaon have become my second family.  I’m privileged to have a board of experienced Past Presidents and enthusiastic Rotarians who are eager to serve. I feel blessed to know the individuals in our Club!


Thanks and Regards,
RTN.Prakash Thapa
President 2020-21
Rotary Club of Bhadgaon, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

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